Appellate Practice

At KTM, we have the skills and experience necessary to mount successful appeals. Several of our attorneys have served as law clerks to appellate judges and courts, and have handled appeals in state and federal courts throughout the country.

Whether prosecuting or defending an appeal, careful decision-making is required every step of the way. KTM has broad experience in all aspects of the appellate process. We have preserved favorable judgments on appeal, and have also obtained relief from adverse rulings and judgments made against our clients. We have also served industries at large by preparing amicus curiae filings in several matters that have had a broad impact on our clients’ interests.

Drawing on our decades of experience, we have developed an appreciation for the important strategy considerations that must inform every decision when pursuing or defending an appeal. While preparation, persuasiveness, and effective legal advocacy are important, it is equally (and sometimes even more) important to consider the ramifications of all potential appellate results. By advising our clients strategically, KTM helps our clients avoid adverse appellate decisions.

With an exemplary record of success at the appellate level, KTM is ready to address any appellate need, whether consulting on specific appellate issues and strategies, providing advice on whether the pursuit of an appeal meets our clients’ larger business interests and objectives, drafting appellate briefs, or providing oral advocacy during appellate argument.