Healthcare Transaction and Litigation Practice

KTM attorneys have a deep understanding of the complex healthcare statutes and regulations with which our insurer and payor clients must contend, including compliance, HIPAA, licensing, and negotiated fee agreements. 

We deliver comprehensive legal solutions across all facets of the issues faced by our clients, including:

  • Drafting contracts and negotiated fee agreements
  • Assessment of regulatory and licensing compliance
  • Analysis of business relationships between providers, diagnostic facilities, suppliers, and others
  • Assessment of compliance with self-referral and kickback laws
  • Payor audits and demands for refunds
  • Operationalization and implementation

Our experience in the healthcare industry extends to pharmaceutical, toxicological, diagnostic, medical, and chiropractic fields. We utilize our relationships with experts in each of these fields and with economist experts to deliver comprehensive counsel and to help our clients lessen their exposure, accomplish their goals, and succeed in negotiations and litigation.