Civil RICO

Since our landmark RICO victory in Aetna v. P&B Auto Body, 43 F.3d 1543 (1st Cir. 1994), KTM has continuously represented business victims of healthcare and insurance fraud in litigation seeking recovery under the federal RICO statute. Our Complex Business Litigation Group has grown to handle a broad range of complex disputes, and our attorneys have successfully pursued and secured judgments for our clients in these matters throughout the country. We also have extensive experience working with experts, private investigators, and law enforcement to help achieve our clients’ goals of loss mitigation and the recovery of wrongfully-obtained payments. Although challenging and complex, the use of recovery litigation—under the right circumstances—serves as a key component in our clients’ overall effort to fight fraud. While such cases can have an enormous deterrent effect, they can also be used to recover stolen funds and to realize savings through creative settlement solutions.

For three decades, our Complex Business Litigation Group has investigated and litigated numerous matters throughout the country. By having attorneys and offices nationwide, KTM is well positioned to handle these investigations and lawsuits in many of the country’s “hot-spots” for complex insurance and healthcare fraud schemes. Working in these and other jurisdictions, we have achieved successful outcomes for our clients by recovering significant sums of wrongfully-paid insurance benefits, and by challenging fraudulent pending claims.