Class Action Defense

KTM is one of the leaders in defending corporate clients against class action suits.

Class action cases involve one or more plaintiffs suing on behalf of a larger group of people, called the class, and require highly skilled attorneys capable of defending against these large-scale cases.

Our attorneys draw upon their experience, expertise, and creativity to litigate and succeed in class action cases. We have achieved positive results at every phase of a putative class action, by successfully arguing motions to dismiss, by defeating motions for class certification, by winning motions for summary judgment, through voluntary dismissals, and by negotiating settlements. KTM also has the ability and resources to try class action cases if necessary, including several lawyers with extensive trial experience. Over the past three decades, KTM attorneys have played a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of class action litigation across the country, assuring our clients of seasoned and highest-quality representation when facing complex and high-stakes class action suits.