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Smith & Brink, P.C. is now King, Tilden, McEttrick & Brink, P.C.
October 27, 2021

For nearly thirty years, Smith & Brink, P.C. has delivered legal excellence and dedication to our clients throughout the country. As of November 1, 2021, Smith & Brink announces that it will begin operating under a new name and will be known as King, Tilden, McEttrick & Brink, P.C. (KTM). This name change reflects the retirement from the firm of Attorney Frederick (Rick) Smith, Jr. as well as the firm’s future.

KTM and its attorneys will continue to provide unparalleled advocacy to our clients and the communities we serve. Our services remain unchanged and KTM’s 50 attorneys remain available to handle all of our clients’ needs, including affirmative litigation, aggressive defense, and strategic recommendations and opinions. Our attorneys bring extensive knowledge, experience, and skill to our clients and are nationally recognized for being leaders in their fields. KTM will continue to handle legal matters across the country from our physical offices in Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and Rhode Island.